Up close and personal


…The Dusun word for ‘greetings’…

It does sound a bit formal especially when you don’t know each other, but perhaps I can change that…

I was born in Kiulu, Sabah,  has friendly personality, averagely good looking, likes to joke around …and had fell heads over heal with photography since 5 years back.

My deep interest towards photography, leads me to seek knowledge from those considered ‘master’ in their own field and I am happy to say that, I certainly did not lose anything by learning from these masters.

Along my 5 years affair with photography, I have learn a lot. My experience in taking full advantage of the local climate, understanding the local culture, adapting to local customs and eying the local street, combined with the knowledge on the technical part of  photography…has helped me in capturing moments that I want and I guess some might consider them as ‘pleasant to the eyes’.

Then… I began to receive questions, the same questions but repeated by different persons..“How did you get that?”, “How did you set your camera?”, “What ISO did you use?” …and I can only help by saying “…with the correct setting.”

But then the questions didn’t end there…so back from July 2010 at Tasik Likas, I sacrificed my weekend to conduct a humble tutorial for those who wants to learn the basic of photography. It was on this month that Basic Photography Tutorial by Lano Lan was born.

…Now we are not strangers anymore, since you know something about me already. So please, drop by sometimes and say kopisanagan…I would like to know you too, my friend.

-Lano Lan-

32 Responses to Up close and personal

  1. surie says:

    kopisanagan sifu…
    Congratulations on your new blob/website, a long awaited move by one of the most generous and good hearted person I have ever known. All the best..!

  2. irman says:

    congrates bro…i always have a faith on u..keep up the good effort..:)

  3. mam telca says:

    kopisanagan bosku…thumbs up!
    sia pun mau blajar dari bosku…ada timing ngam2 tu sia mau ikut mimpanau-panau magambal kio? 🙂

  4. multi prints says:

    good move^^

  5. awing abdul bakil says:

    saya tatap juga trust u sifu……..

    soalan yg masih bermain di minda “macam mana dia buleh ambik gambar santik2” dan “susah saya mau dapat gambar mcm itu…..sifu”

  6. hamizul hamid says:

    simply beautiful Tuan!!

  7. Jumar Kamsari (Udin) says:


    Tahniah sifu.
    Semoga “I Trust You” akan menjadi satu platform bagi yg ingin mendalami bidang ini.
    Klo ada apa2 mau ditanya2 bule bah pegi mengupi mana2 kan…hehehehe

  8. Selvarajan Roy says:

    Kopisanangan boss!

    Great to see this blog born ~
    I am really honoured to be ur 226th student(Is that digit right?)
    Hope to learn more and be successfull like you 🙂

    As for you bosku~ all the best for a more prospereus future

    We Trust You Boss~

  9. Kopisanangan om sonong sodop, Tuan Lano..

    Tahniah atas blog tuan yang tuan bangunkan. Saya pun kira2 mo ‘trust you’ baini.. kana mgam2 taiming nih baru ta’ikut sama tuan.

  10. zainudin says:

    Kopi sanagan Sifu… Congratulation for creating this blog for us to share our views and and get updates of your skill in capturing moments. As student No Anam, I wish you all the very best in your endeavor to become a better professional photographer…

  11. Boyd Tahing says:

    Kopisanangan Tuan….

    Tahniah atas blog tuan ini , terus usaha anda Tuan …..!!! 🙂
    p/s : buli kasih LIKE kah ni ahhh mcm sana Fisbook tu ? hehheeeee….

  12. John Kong says:

    Impressive work you have. Keep up the good work!

  13. Alexs Azlan says:

    Kopisanangan Tompinai….
    Congratulation 4 yr nice blog or website. Baru jumpa bah dan baru korek2 tinggu-tinggu bilang orang Sabah hehe…. Of course I trust you hehehe…

  14. charLes says:

    osonong om avantang no kopio kii,
    haro nopo kosiwatan, nga mokianu po daa tips2 mantad dika.

  15. Simple, Humble, Friendly person and good Sifu.

  16. Kopisanangan tompinai Lano Lan.

    Hope one of this fine day, I will be able to join the “I Trust You” gathering with you. I already missed the current one.. which happen to be on today at Likas. I love all your sharing and teaching here in this blog and am very happy and proud that you are a Sabahan. Thanks for being great.
    My 2nd wife of 3 months old only, the Nikon D5100, will be waiting patiently to meet up with you, Mr. Lano Lan.

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