Dealing with trust…

Kopisanangan everyone…

I sure do hope everyone had a great weekend. Mine was a hectic and challenging one…and its all because some people decided to trust me. First, a few new friends came and attended my ‘I Trust You’ tutorial…I really had a great time with them. Second…well, the owner of the well known ‘Rumah Terbalik’ had decided to hire me as their official photographer 🙂 …and here was the challenging part took place.

On assignment that involves architecture as the main subject, I believe making your homework is the best policy that could help you to honour your client’s trust. Collaborating and discussing to see what they had in mind are also important. However, in the end, it is all up to me to execute the client’s idea… and I hope Mr. Alex are satisfied with what I delivered to him.

one of the "rare photo " inside the Rumah Terbalik by me published in The New Straits Times - 03 February 2012 -

- The Rumah Terbalik owner Mr. Alex & wife pose infront of the house - photo by Lano Lan

till than kopisanangan toinsanan and have a nice day ahead 🙂

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Trip Up North, Tuaran – Kudat with Lano Lan.

Hello everyone,

First stop, capturing sunrise at Mengkabong bridge. It was a good morning and the sun was decided to com out beautifully. It was a matter of capturing it in the best way along with the story that comes with the moment.

Is has been a while since I last drop by to mumble here. I do hope all of you are in good health and enjoying the Chinese New Year holiday with your loved ones.

Second stop, capturing the cloudy blue sky along the road of Kg. Taun Gusi. There are times when we reach to a place so stunning that all we need is to savor the beauty with our eyes first before capturing it on camera.

Anyway, recently, specifically on 21st of January 2012, I have decided to invite my ex -I trust you students to an outing up north. I am truly honored that 19 of them showed up as early as 5 am at the meeting point and touched that some of them traveled as far as Labuan and Tambunan just to spend time with little old (but STILL good looking 🙂 ) me.

I am happy to see them trying their best to capture what they had in mind. All the best my friends.

I would like to say thank you for the trust and sincerely I had a great time with all of you on this trip. I consider this first trip together with them as very special and on this trip I share with them 3 important matter which are

* Technicality ( It was more of a refreshment to all of them)

* Composition ( Guiding them on getting the best composition)

* The art of seeing (Trust me, seeing with your eyes first…will help        you get a great picture)

* Communication ( Since this trip involves shots on human interest, I guess sharing with them some tips on creating a successful communication with the subject will help them in getting what they had in mind)

So where did we go? To all of my favorite places…

and when you see with your eyes first...everything else will fall into a perfect piece...

1. Mengkabong bridge, Tuaran to capture sunrise

2. Taun Gusi, Kota Belud, to capture the mountain and paddy field.

3. Honey Farm at Kg. Gombizau, Kudat, to look for human interest.

4. Gong making factory at Kg. Sumangkap, Kudat for human interest.

5. Tip of Borneo, Kudat to capture the Sunset and some stars.

Jessica on natural light...the dark and the lights are helpful elements in a photo, this is a sample I used to help my friends see in different perspectives.

It was a long journey and by the time we got back, everybody was tired including me…but I was happy. Happy to be able to meet my friends again and to share with them the little knowledge that I have. Thank you everyone, for the trust and friendship.

Last but not least, it was a moonless night but I still had a great time with you all. I hope you do too...

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apa setting mau pakai aaa?

when shooting outdoor where lights is beyond your control.. to get right EXPOSURE… is the matter of your very own judgment.. understanding how your camera respond to light will help you to answer this FAQ.. what is the APERTURE (how much light hit the sensor), what is the SHUTTER SPEED (how long the light hit the sensor) and what is the ISO (how sensitive is the sensor).. or in other words… what should my exposure be… and the answer for this FAQ is “your exposure should be correct :)”

During this coming long school holiday 2011 Lano Lan offering ONE on ONE personal tutorial on how to handle your DSLR to get correct exposure during WEEKDAYS (by appointment) for RM350 per person per session (from 9am to 4pm).. if you think i can help you… and most of all “you trust me…” contact me tru FB inbox or e-mail at

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you decide…

Hi all, it will be a long weekend break again this weekend and for my fellow Muslim friends, I wish you all “Selamat mengerjakan ibadah korban“.

Well actually nothing much to mumble this time, just a simple example on how your camera sensor responses to light in semi auto setting. As aperture priority is among photographer’s favorite when DOF is their concern so on this set of pictures, I set my camera at aperture priority for the shots. On my 1st shot, I try to trust my camera metering by letting the camera decide on the exposure, so here is the result…

My 1st shot - Aperture Priority and the camera decide on the exposure - I guess the camera give me flat look on the capture

The flat look on above capture is because the camera metering system was fooled or tricked by dark area of the riverbank

In My second shot as the camera suggest the exposure and I locked the exposure and compensate it to correct exposure on fly. As a result it gave me exposure as below  which was what I wanted.

My 2nd shot - Aperture Priority and the photographer decide on the exposure

Whatever it is, it your choice on what exposure you want but understand how your camera respond to light will make your work a lot easier, till than happy weekend everyone 🙂

*note – both image is as on camera

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You…are my first love

Hi everyone, hope life has been treating you all nicely. 🙂

Speaking of life, falling in love is a normal process, but falling in love for the first time is the one that you will remember the most. Even when it ends in a tragic way…that first love will be the one that rest close to your heart…(so if you want to laugh right now, I would understand 😀 ). Anyway, this is the story of my first love…in digital photography.

A few years back when my affair with digital photography was blooming,  I decide to get a Nikon D60. As usual, my choice it is not because I prefer this brand or series but purely because it was the only camera that I can afford to buy after a few months of carefull spending on my monthly income during that time. It took a while but I managed finally.

Anyway my 1st date with my D60 made me fell in love with photography and taught me a lot not only in understanding photography but also about life itself. So tonight, as a celebration to my profession and to honor my D60 service… here are some of my captures using my Nikon D60.. my first love in digital photography.

She made me work on high altitude to cover an international event - The winner of TM 22nd Mount Kinabalu International Climbathon 2008 - Men Open Race, Spaniard Agusti Roc Amador reach the Low’s Peak (highest check-point) at 8.37 am approximately 1hour 37 minute from starting point ahead of other 133 runners. - by Lano Lan on Nikon D60

I had dates with her all the time. This is my early morning date with the Nikon D60 capturing the majestic Mount Kinabalu before sunrise near Guakon

She was there, helping me capturing this misty morning near Kiulu. My dearest D60, we make a good couple.

-Marudu Bay by Lano Lan - My D60 and I are like the Sunset and the loyal beach, she never let me down. Not once.

She witness everything that I see. - by Lano Lan on Nikon D60

My loyal friend, the best traveling companion I always enjoy to be with - Kota Belud Sabah - by Lano Lan on Nikon D60

Maybe I will not be able to take you out on a date again, but the memory, the lesson…will always remain in my heart and motivate me in the future. One thing I am sure of, you are the begining of my journey into meeting a lot of wonderful people out there including you who just finish reading my mumbling 🙂 .

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My little contribution…

There are times along my affair with photography that I wish, that on one fine day, one of my photo will bring something good to my small and humble kampung in anyway at all…even in a smallest scale.

I guess, wishes do come true. My photos of Poturidong river came out in a national newspaper a few months back…and it felt good to know that now, some of you out there knows about Poturidong. I sincerely thought that’s the end of the story….until recently. 🙂

A friend private massaged me and told me that he saw my pictures in an in-flight magazine while flying to Jakarta. Honestly…I was surprised because I never would have thought that my photos were worth publishing for international  reading…but I guess Sabah Tourism Board does.

With an opening sentence of “His long ruffled locks and friendly demenour…” here is another little contribution of mine, to the Poturidong Fish…

- Sabah Malaysian Borneo - Sept. 2011 - Sabah Tourism Board -

till then kopisanangan and have a nice day everyone and see you sometimes in Poturidong Kiulu

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New Rates For Basic Photography With Lano Lan

Along the time I have been involved with photography, I can’t help but notice that there are a lot of you out there who really enjoy taking photo. It is always a good feeling to know that there is always someone out there who are capturing moments that will soon be a memory.

For me, every photos taken, tell others more about yourself and believe it or not, some photos make people ask questions. And yours truly, (not to brag, but this is just the truth) usually get these questions “How did you get that?” or “What ISO/ Shutter Speed/ Aperture did you use to get this?” and even the question “Did you edit this photo?”.

It is mostly because of these reasons that I decided to sacrifice my weekend and sometimes my weekdays to give tutorial on basic photography I organized my first tutorial somewhere in Jul 2010 and I am thankful that this tutorial has been going on non-stop until now. I am also glad to know that up to date almost 500 nice, handsome and beautiful people had trust me in guiding them to understand the basic of photography. But most of all I am happy to be able to share and get to know them personally. After all, sharing is caring. 🙂

thanks guy for the support and here is my advance notice of new Basic Tutorial rates with effect from SEPTEMBER 1, 2011;

(1)   Basic Photography Tutorial at Tasik Kompleks Sukan Likas


(2)   Night-shot with Lano Lan


(3)   Basic Flash Tutorial – On-Camera Speedlight Basics


As per Outstation & others outing will be inform on case by case basis.

However, I would like to ensure that for those who have attended my (1), (2) and (3), the privilege of coming back for the same course with no extra charge is still the same – masi buli ulang-ulang 🙂 .

Nevertheless, this new rates are only applicable if you trust me.

Thank you

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The river at my backyard

The river at my backyard is so well known…the Kiulu river. Everyday this river is visited by people from all over the world for white water rafting experience. Unfortunately, not everyone knows about the villagers that work hard in keeping the river clean and fruitful to those living nearby.

- The Tourists -

Sometimes ago, I began to take pictures of the river, the activities around the river and how the people of my own kampung look after the river. The shots were mostly for record purposes and most of them are published in my Facebook account for photography tips purposes…but the pictures were taken to express the story that I really want others to see.

- split photography with waterproof casing -

I guess, there are people out there who noticed the story in the picture I took. So, one day a media friend dropped by and requested permission to write about Kampung Poturidong and to publish the pictures I took in a national papers. I am humbled by the publication because I know it is not easy to get such huge publicity to the potential of Kg. Poturidong. 

- swimming with fishes -

So, when I read the write up about my beloved birthplace and saw the pictures I took on national newspaper…I am deeply honoured but most of all I felt that I have given back something to the place that means a lot to the villagers along the Kiulu River. On another level, I am happy because now others will know the story of Kg. Poturidong, Kiulu – the people and the river. I guess it is true when people say…a picture paints a thousand words.

- Places - New Sunday Times - Jul 17, 2011 -

- Places - New Sunday Times - Jul 17, 2011 -

p/s just in case you guys are looking for it online 🙂

Till then, have a wonderful weekend everyone.

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New playground, new challenge…can you handle it?

Kopisanangan everyone…

Have been toying with an idea lately…an outing, something different but affordable. Something new and just nearby. Something everyone can enjoy and yet still challenging. Something that is so close to nature, something you can enjoy as a family…

So…here goes 😉

KIULU OUTING SUNDAY JULY 31, 2011 – Adventure & photography outing with Lano Lan


Meeting Point

7.30am (without fail) – gather at meeting point – Restoran Sri Zara Pekan Kiulu

- meeting point - Restoran Sri Zara, Pekan Kiulu -

Tentative (No. 1) – to experience the Kiulu rapid on raft (real experience)

8.00am – Depart to Kg. Pukak rafting starting point
8.30am – On Kiulu river rapid
10.00am – Rafting ends at Pekan Kiulu ending point – Breakfast (provided)

- we go wet and peace peace lah before photography things 🙂 -

Tentative (No. 2) – Adventure photography – to deal with high-contrast Kiulu river on rafting at Kg. Poturidong point
11.00am – 12.30 Adventure photography

Lunch break (provided)

- Adventure photography - dealing with high-contrast Kiulu river -

Tentative (No. 3)
1.30pm – 3.00pm – Split photography (using waterproof casing ) / swim with fish / mandi sungai

- split photography with waterproof casing -

- swimming with fishes -

Tentative (No. 4)
3.00pm – 5.30pm
Linda time! – Portraiture on natural available light

- Portraiture on natural light with Linda - pray for good weather - 🙂

So…what say you? 🙂

Please do pm me should you be interested or have any questions on this outing and RM200 / person is not a problem 🙂 .

Till then… see you in Kiulu 🙂

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Just a few inch matter…

Hi everyone,

I live in Kiulu and my house is nearby the Kiulu river. I like to take a walk along the river whenever I have the time. Sometimes, I just walk…sometimes I bring along my camera and look for interesting lights.

There are times of course while taking photo, I become too ambitious to capture the subject,  and forget to look around for cleaner or nicer background that can help make the subject stand-out. Sometimes it is just the matter of few inch to left.. few inch to right.. up or down..

- I guess the background is just too messy -

Some senior says.. it is really up to the photographer’s judgement on how to present the subject in photo but..

- get low angle for cleaner background since the background on 1st capture doesn't add much to make the subject stand-out -

If the background doesn’t help the subject stand-out or story.. just eliminate it.. and above is my simple shot on the wild plant lit by the morning lights in comparison for slightly change in point of view for better background.

…and this among the things that I always remind to those who join my outing.

Till then everyone… Kopisanangan do dongotuong good nite

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