Frequently Asked Questions.

I’m sorry to say that the questions are not about ‘Ilmu Alam‘ or ‘Ilmu Hisab’ :-)…but hopefully they will help in your effort to understand your camera better.

1. What in the world is metering?

Metering has nothing to do with your photo “output”, it is a tool to help you in making judgement on how to control lights in order to get desired exposure. For example, you want to get the correct exposure on a particular subject, so what you should do is…SET/FIX your camera setting to get correct exposure at 1/125 / f8 / ISO200.. and changing “metering pattern” from “matrix (evaluative) – centre weighted – spot – partial”. However, this setting I give above is only an example since there are many other setting combination that you can make.

2. Do you need to do Metering in Semi-auto setting?

For most working photographer, semi-auto setting (Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority and Program Mode) is the best option to freeze moment.. some ask me, “Is metering applicable in Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority and Program Mode?”…Up to my understanding, I believe it is. The work flow is…the camera will set the exposure based on the light you point-at. In even-light it will almost give you good exposure, provided that you know how or which metering pattern that suits to the situation or subject (light). But in tricky-light, you should know how to override the semi-auto setting into Manual mode on-fly.

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