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Hi everyone,

Apa khabar? 🙂

among my 1st work for news.. Nov, 2012

Among my 1st work for news, Nov, 2012

 I hope all of you are fine and doing well. As for me, a big change of routine had to be done but so far, I think I managed to cope with the change. I’ll tell you a little bit about it here.

capturing durian story with my camera for BH

Capturing Durian story with my camera

For the past 3 years, I have been concentrating on doing freelance photography work, my basic photography class and some commercial works. Officially this year, I have decided to try new arena of the same field. I used to think that this new arena is easy, but how wrong I was when I really am in it. Yes, finally, after some persuasion and encouragement I  have decided to join the media as a stringer photographer. I am not a permanent staff thou but still I have to deliver at the same expectation. I hope I have made a right choice 🙂

Cover photo for Life & Times article on Tagal Story

Cover photo for Life & Times article on Tagal Story in Kiulu, Sabah.

So far, I have learn that the delivery of photo for media  is very strict, I have to be very aware of the technical part of photography, since only minor exposure correction and cropping is allowed in this line of work. Furthermore, I do not have the luxury of picking what kind of shots that I want since everyday I have to capture anything that is assigned to me from sport, event, human interest and even tragedy. I admit that there are time that I performed but most of the time, I have no option but to make sure I perform.

Cover photo for Learning Curve about school kids in Sabah interior

Cover photo for Learning Curve about school life at Crocker Range, Sabah.

One good thing about this condition is that I finally have the opportunity to learn from the senior and well known media photographers. Not only that they guide me about photo but also on dealing with work demand. I am still trying my best to present a photo that is taken technically good and composed to suit media needs. It is not easy especially when the time constrain is tight and I am grateful that my seniors are always there to help me in great amount  in guiding me to deliver my work.

School life on Crocker Range

Still photos for a story on school life at Crocker Range, Sabah.

Tapi…I am still looking forward for the opportunity to meet and learn from all of you too. After all, a good friendship can lead to a whole lot of learning, opportunity and of course kupi-kupi session 🙂 In the mean time, I wish all of us will be given the opportunity and space to do and learn what we enjoy the most.

Nevertheles since this media part is only a part time thing, that means I am still available for kupi session. To all friends, bah…kupi kita 🙂

Portraiture work for Metro :)

Portraiture work for news too…

p/s To all friends in the media line, thank you for the trust and support and most of all, pounsikou for sharing your knowledge with me.

.. i guess there is a lot of things need to learn..

I guess there are a lot of things need to learn..

About lano lan

A freelance photographer with 5 years experience in photography. Familiar with local culture in Malaysia and has vast experience in capturing moments in any local event particularly in Sabah. As a full time photographer, I am also familiar and able to take advantage of the local climate condition. In other words, rain or shine, there is always a chance of capturing lights in action.
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