The Convocation and Photography..

The Convocation and Photography..

Helipad – UTM Skudai Aug 22, 1995

Its been quite a long time I didn’t mumble here in my blog. Its going to be end of the year again and have been a bit busy lately with various assignments including supporting friend in their photography work. For the last few days, I was with Studio Pesona providing graduation studio photography at Anjung Siswa UMS on UMS 13th convocation held on 26, 28 & 29 November 2011.

Well being an outdoor photographer for quite sometimes, doing studio work was quite a refreshment to me. The work-flow, the motif, the equipment, the environment, the PR and so on was really a mind opening process. Never the less, whatever the reasons are, I guess it is all about helping client to capture their most memorable moment in their life.. the graduation day.

Since I am “new” to studio things, most of the time before the assignment I spend sometimes reflecting back memory lane on my own convocation 16yrs ago. This was mainly to get an idea on what to capture on that special day for the graduates.

Looking at my memory photos I noticed a few things…

(1) The only properly taken photo is the photo on stage taken by a pro on film (its about to fade now.. no digital file…)

(2) sadly no photo with parent nor family (after all bringing family to Johor Bahru that time is super costly for unemployed graduate.. no AirAsia that time 🙂 )

(3) well by the way I guess I was alert to record the memorable day too by using compact film but as it was taken by friends and the details.. hemmm 🙂

So, moral of the story to all, on your graduation day, YOU MAY NOT REALLY FEEL IT IS IMPORTANT TO CAPTURE IT PROPERLY NOW but… as 16 yrs later you might say this out loud… AIYA KANAPAKAH DAN KANAPALAH SIA INDA BEGAMBAL BAGUS BAGUS DULU… to all graduates.. congratulation on your graduation day and good luck in future… 🙂

* photo above taken by my “girlpren” on my graduation day 22nd August 1995, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Skudai, Johor Bahru Johor.

About lano lan

A freelance photographer with 5 years experience in photography. Familiar with local culture in Malaysia and has vast experience in capturing moments in any local event particularly in Sabah. As a full time photographer, I am also familiar and able to take advantage of the local climate condition. In other words, rain or shine, there is always a chance of capturing lights in action.
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2 Responses to The Convocation and Photography..

  1. Rizwan Talikop says:

    1995 bosku? Aduh.. sia baru masuk tu tau.. ka sudah 2nd year ah? Lupa sudah eh!

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