Casting at Mantaranau River – a photography journey.

Yes, I know it has been a while, my bad. Idea searching mode was activated and it took some time for me to put them into words.

So, what’s up with me? Basically, I was busy trying to put two ideas into one. Casting and photography together. Well, it was not hard to connect the two activities together, after all both are hobbies, the hardest part was selecting the best place that can cater both activities in one time. Both place must be able to be enjoyed by anglers, scenic for photographers and unique for nature lovers.

A group of photo trekkers crossing the Mantaranau River

Here comes the best part, which made me thankful to be born as a Kiulu-rian :). I have THAT place, here ini Kg. Poturidong, Kiulu…and  its just 55 minuets drive from Kota Kinabalu.

Arginin showing off his catch at the upper most pool.. Lubuk Sindoon

To be exact, this place is called Sungai Mantaranau, a 4.05 KM river that falls in the Kg. Poturidong Bombon area. A bombon area or some call it Tagal area, is basically a stretch of river that is reserved by the villagers from any fishing activity. This area is exclusively protected and looked after by the Bombon community therefore fish harvesting rights are exclusively theirs. Harvesting is basically done periodically and after agreement of the Bombon council. That’s a little bit of basic information in case you are wondering what Bombon is all about. My real point is, protected area = many fish :).

Among my favorite site , Lubuk Suyad

Now, for the setup of the river itself. Basically this river has a lot of character, upstream or downstream. There are canopy of trees along all along the river bank, giving it a mystique and serene look. Plus, they can be a natural UV protection. The sand, stones and river banks are all molded by nature and the only hint of modification are the local’s small farms and rubber farms a few meters from the river bank. Even the fallen leaves from adds colour to the river bed. On a long stretch of fine days, the water will be crystal clear and cool enough to tempt you for a swim. Even after a few days of rain, the water can be a bit murky but that is how nature is supposed to be, right? My point is, this river offers an original view worth to be appreciated.

Lubuk Rikos offers a special setup for both anglers and photographers

Having put both together, my brother and I have decided to purpose to the Bombon council of Kg. Poturidong to open this river for a fishing sport lovers for catch and release activity and also for those who wish to go for photo trekking at this river. There was no problem with the photo trekking activity, however the council decided to assign a casting test team to see the potential  of catch and release activity at Mantaranu river before opening it to the public. My point is catch and release is a good way of conserving our nature and conserving will need rules 🙂

A conservation act – Arginin releasing back his catch to the river.

Yours truly and a few others then did a test and the result are:

Day 1 (9 July 2012)

  • We noticed that there are about 12 major pool and 10 smaller pool along this 4.05 KM river.
  • We caught and released 3 Sebarau, 1 Haruan and 7 Barob

My first cast at this river, a 2.2kg Barob ,  at Lubuk Gusak aka Dolungan Kubung

Day 2 (12 July 2012)

A morning view of Lubuk Maralom

  • River was murky, not much casting done but the team made a discussion on what can be done to make our guest have a smooth casting time here.
  • Besides offering a natural river view, this river also offers human interest view for photo hunters. Locals with their daily activities along the river.

Test Team on a murky water day

Day 3 (17 July 2012)

  • My brother Rushdi caught and released 3 Barob and I was busy with my camera taking photo of him and a local passing by the river on a bamboo raft.

Rushdi showing how the fish got the hooked

Day 4 (18 July 2012)

  • We caught and released 13 Barob, the biggest catch weighed 2.2kg.
  • Even all the pools along Mantaranau has original names, as called by the locals : Lubuk Tapayas, Lubuk Rikos, Lubuk Pangi and Lubuk Sindoon, to name a few.

My catch at Lubuk Tapayas

All our findings, are presented today to the Poturidong Bombon Council, all aims and reasons have been put down in the proposal paper. Rules and regulation, method and safety procedures, photos and proves…all are discussed thoroughly, before a decisions was is made. So, what was the decision?

Casting guide, he know every inch of the Mantaranau River, your ultimate companion and guide for casting here

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to catch, snap a photo and release casting area of Mantaranau river :-). Come over, I’ll show you around. 

My catch at Lubuk Monimpokong

p/s Do wait for another write up with details on the casting activity here.

A show off photo. Who wouldn’t, the Barob caught at Lubuk Pangi, weigh 2.2kg

kopisanangan do dongotuong good nite 🙂

About lano lan

A freelance photographer with 5 years experience in photography. Familiar with local culture in Malaysia and has vast experience in capturing moments in any local event particularly in Sabah. As a full time photographer, I am also familiar and able to take advantage of the local climate condition. In other words, rain or shine, there is always a chance of capturing lights in action.
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4 Responses to Casting at Mantaranau River – a photography journey.

  1. Good Job Brother, this is very interesting article! Question – do you perceived any impact of the upper stream Dam Project?

    • lano lan says:

      thanks for your visit tompinai, heard this project a few months back.. but no details available about the exact location of the hydro.. and i hope they do complete study on the impact too 🙂

  2. de engineur says:

    Looks like great place to fish.
    Is this in the vicinity of the proposed 9.5MW mini-hydropower plants in Mantaranau?

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