New playground, new challenge…can you handle it?

Kopisanangan everyone…

Have been toying with an idea lately…an outing, something different but affordable. Something new and just nearby. Something everyone can enjoy and yet still challenging. Something that is so close to nature, something you can enjoy as a family…

So…here goes 😉

KIULU OUTING SUNDAY JULY 31, 2011 – Adventure & photography outing with Lano Lan


Meeting Point

7.30am (without fail) – gather at meeting point – Restoran Sri Zara Pekan Kiulu

- meeting point - Restoran Sri Zara, Pekan Kiulu -

Tentative (No. 1) – to experience the Kiulu rapid on raft (real experience)

8.00am – Depart to Kg. Pukak rafting starting point
8.30am – On Kiulu river rapid
10.00am – Rafting ends at Pekan Kiulu ending point – Breakfast (provided)

- we go wet and peace peace lah before photography things 🙂 -

Tentative (No. 2) – Adventure photography – to deal with high-contrast Kiulu river on rafting at Kg. Poturidong point
11.00am – 12.30 Adventure photography

Lunch break (provided)

- Adventure photography - dealing with high-contrast Kiulu river -

Tentative (No. 3)
1.30pm – 3.00pm – Split photography (using waterproof casing ) / swim with fish / mandi sungai

- split photography with waterproof casing -

- swimming with fishes -

Tentative (No. 4)
3.00pm – 5.30pm
Linda time! – Portraiture on natural available light

- Portraiture on natural light with Linda - pray for good weather - 🙂

So…what say you? 🙂

Please do pm me should you be interested or have any questions on this outing and RM200 / person is not a problem 🙂 .

Till then… see you in Kiulu 🙂


About lano lan

A freelance photographer with 5 years experience in photography. Familiar with local culture in Malaysia and has vast experience in capturing moments in any local event particularly in Sabah. As a full time photographer, I am also familiar and able to take advantage of the local climate condition. In other words, rain or shine, there is always a chance of capturing lights in action.
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6 Responses to New playground, new challenge…can you handle it?

  1. Bc Buddy says:

    Hello Lano, Bc Buddy here. 😀

    Great shots you took, especially the last one, love it. 🙂

  2. nice captured and awesome work !

  3. Jamil Joe says:

    Hi Mr. Lan Lano,

    just finish viewing ur photo and all of ur picture are cool and awesome.

    I really impress and want to learn from u. If there’s any outing event in Sabah do let me know ya.

    Would like to learn photography stuff more..:)

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