So…you want to know where did I take that nice sunrise?

Kopisanangan all 🙂

It has been wet weekdays so far and on days like these, I will usually end up browsing my photos collection. I used to have problem recalling back the exact spot where I took my photos. But lasts year, since I realize that I am getting older (tidak se-sampin dulu) :-), I managed to find the solution for my problem.

While roaming around in the wild landscape of sabah, sometimes it is a “once off” visit (plus you might be getting too old to remember), so I guess for future re-visit or guiding others where exactly I took my photo, I opted to own a device that helps me to tag the exact location of one particular spot using GPS or Global Positioning System (tech savvy juga bah saya) and in this case I got myself a NOKIA C6 hand phone which allows me to pin the location of the spot to the photo taken. Why this model? Well as usual I am not going for any particular brand but I guess this is the cheapest  (you can get it easily below RM800 here in KK) and GPS tagging with this series is easy. How do I tag the position? It is as simple as just snapping a photo on that particular spot and that it is.. the GPS tagging is automatically embedded into your handphone’s photo EXIF (your photo birth-cert).

If your hand phone is GARMIN GPS Enable (software sold separately.. google it for more info). Why I recommend GARMIN because it is fully satellite based software and doesn’t required TELCOS Service to operate it means no extra charge imply while you using it. On your phone just click the photo that you just captured, and GARMIN will show you in the map where exactly the location is based on the GARMIN MAP on your phone.. isn’t that easy?

back home here is what I get..

browsing using ACDsee Pro 3, here is the photo taken by my Nokia C-6 HP well the photo is more-less just for record purpose but what I am interested in is the EXIF data shown at the right side of the photo

Zoom-in to the EXIF - the highlighted info is the GPS tagging

So what this GPS tagging for? Go to this site (direct ready to use coordinate input)

Input the coordinate and here is the location where you have an option to view it on various mode as MAP | SATELLITE | HYBRID | TERRAIN

Oh by the way what this GPS LATITUDE & LONGITUDE  5, 59′ 49.6155″ & 116, 12′ 23.4703″ stand for? It reads as DEGREE, MINUTES’ SECOND”

and here is the example of the coordinate seach; 

input the coordinate here in

and here is the location where you can zoom in / zoom out and toggle the view in various mode as MAP | SATELLITE | HYBRID | TERRAIN

Compiling all photos from my DSLR, I will browse through my photo taken with my C-6 too for the GPS tagging info, and for some selected photo I will put in the photo property info the GPS location… ohhh.. maybe I’m just a bit outdated.. some latest DSLR offer GPS tagging too just like what C-6 offer (GPS tagging) but for the time being this is the cheapest option that I have while utilizing my existing veteran DSLR.

I think other expensive but sophisticated phone brand like IPHONE, BlackBerry and ANDROID based smart phone perhaps offer more good features in GPS tagging and Mapping but being always in the rough wild landscape of Sabah, what I own now is good enough to get the GPS position.

So, if you decide to take photo with your DSLR tomorrow, don’t forget to shot with your GPS enable HP, the photo may not as good as your DSLR but it carries information that might come handy one day.

Since sharing is caring, I am going to share my favorite sunrise and sunset spots soon in my next posting but for now here are some photos sample with GPS position for you to familiarize with the coordinate search for better mapping in your photography.


Location 1 - In case you forgot to ask her phone no, you might see her again here Latitude:6, 1' 38.993" Longitude:116, 27' 51.0594"

Location 2 - thinking of getting the rainbow over the Majestic Mount Kinabalu, you may try luck here Latitude: 6, 8' 27.4387" Longitude:116, 9' 15.4566"

Location 3 - or thinking of having coffee with me while enjoying the sunset? you may meet me here Latitude:5, 59' 39.8657" Longitude:116, 12' 27.5403"


Location 4 - sometimes I go jungle tracking.. so need to trace back where I took photo on this giant wild mushroom at here Latitude:6, 1' 46.349" Longitude: 116, 17' 14.4547"

As always, thank you for reading my one cents story, until than Kopisanangan do dongotuong (good nite). 🙂


About lano lan

A freelance photographer with 5 years experience in photography. Familiar with local culture in Malaysia and has vast experience in capturing moments in any local event particularly in Sabah. As a full time photographer, I am also familiar and able to take advantage of the local climate condition. In other words, rain or shine, there is always a chance of capturing lights in action.
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6 Responses to So…you want to know where did I take that nice sunrise?

  1. Anat says:

    Sa pn kurang arif psal GPS ni. Tpi bila Tuan sda kasi hurai kegunaannya utk fotografi ni, mcm penting pula supaya kita pnya memory kepala tida overload kan… nice and useful post. thanks Tuan Sampin… 🙂

    • lano lan says:

      he..he.. i always believe that there must be a reason why the HP design engineer struggle very hard (gila saja inda 🙂 ) to create the things… so guna dia bosku.. he..he.. and one more thing.. if you and your friend using the same HP system (as I personally experience) you can just MMS the photo taken by your HP and he/she will know where’s the place too 🙂 kind of fun for kampung boy like me 🙂 🙂

      • Anat says:

        Hehehehe… sama2 jga kita ni Tuan… Kampungan… hehehehe… or maybe sa la… Kampungan yg buli2 sikit supiking inglis… hehehehe

      • lano lan says:

        he..he.. inda juga sampin ni tuan but try to mumbling as ingilis as possible anyway thanks for your kind visit sir 🙂

  2. Anat says:

    u r most welcome…

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