Basic Photography Tutorial?

Along the time I have been involved with photography, I can’t help but notice that there are a lot of you out there who really enjoy taking photo. It is always a good feeling to know that there is always someone out there who are capturing moments that will soon be a memory.

For me, every photos taken, tell others more about yourself and believe it or not, some photos make people ask questions.  And yours truly, (not to brag, but this is just the truth)  usually get these questions “How did you get that?” or “What ISO/ Shutter Speed/ Aperture did you use to get this?”  and even the question “Did you edit this photo?”.

It is mostly because of these reasons, that I decided to sacrifice my weekend and sometimes my weekdays to give tutorial on basic photography. I organized my first tutorial sometimes around July 2010 at Tasik Kompleks Likas (located next to Stadium Likas, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah) and I am thankful that this tutorial has been going on non-stop until now. I am also glad to know that there are those out there who trust me in guiding them to understand the basic of photography but most of all I am happy to be able to share my understanding with others. After all, sharing is caring. 🙂

Need to go out and enjoy the sunset now, but before that, if you have a DSLR camera and looking for a way to understand and expand what you can do with it, I’ll be happy to share what I know with you . Provided that, you trust me.

Until then…

Lano Lan


About lano lan

A freelance photographer with 5 years experience in photography. Familiar with local culture in Malaysia and has vast experience in capturing moments in any local event particularly in Sabah. As a full time photographer, I am also familiar and able to take advantage of the local climate condition. In other words, rain or shine, there is always a chance of capturing lights in action.
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4 Responses to Basic Photography Tutorial?

  1. kusui josue gonsur says:

    tahniah tompinai….

  2. Jadda says:

    There is always a point when you have to start to put a brand into yourself and you are doing it now my friend, congrats!! 🙂

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